By Mrs. Kathy Roach

What were you doing in Lubbock in May 1970?

We had been to Methodist hospital to visit my grandfather.

What do you remember from the night of May 11, 1970?

We were driving down 19th street heading back to Idalou as we drove under the overpass on Idalou Highway the bridge fell right after we drove under. We pulled into the Sparerib restaurant parking lot to wait out the storm. We had a 2 year old daughter at Idalou with a friend when a trucker came in and told us there was nothing left of Idalou. I was so scared.

What was your reaction to the destruction you saw in the days following the storm? Did the storm damage your home, workplace, or school?

It was so terrible to see things people had worked for all their live just gone so quickly.

Did you know anyone who was injured or killed by the tornado?

No I didn't know anyone.

Did you or anyone you know help with the emergency response or cleanup following the tornado? What was your role? Explain.

My husband worked for the Texas Highway Department at the time and I believe they helped with a lot of cleanup in the days that followed.

How did the tornado experience change you? How did it change the City of Lubbock?

I am not sure it changed me except to make me more afraid of storms and the damage they can do. I believe it helped parts of Lubbock to get some needed help with rebuilding the neighborhoods.